Manage your requests and receive vacation reminders about your team's absences directly in Slack.

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Vacation tracker is a simple tool for Slack team to manage vacations for team members. This is how Vacation Tracker can help your team:

No setup, configuration or login

Vacation tracker is built on top of Slack so there is no need to configure your organization or team members.

And since they are already logged in to Slack, they're ready to start using Vacation Tracker immediately after signup.

Simple to make requests

It’s really easy for a team member to request a vacation or a day off. Simply type in any channel in Slack and our chat boot will help you manage all your requests for days off.


Daily summary and reminders

Our chatbots will send you a daily summary of all the pending requests from your team. And once approved, managers will receive reminders directly in Slack about team members vacations and days off.

Dashboard for managers

Every message to managers from our chatbot has an embedded link to the dashboard.

The dashboard allows managers to easily approve or deny requests, manage notifications, and have a daily, monthly and yearly overview of the team’s vacations and days off.



Our pricing is very simple, we don’t believe in per-user fees.

$ 25

During our beta period, you'll receive your first 6 months for free!

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