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Welcome to Vacation Tracker – An Employee Attendance Tracker

A simple leave management system for your team built directly in Slack

What is Vacation Tracker?

It is a simple tool for teams that use Slack to request and approve vacations and days off directly in Slack.

If you’ve ever tried to use a leave management system inside a big HR system, you’ll know how cumbersome and complicated it can be. Not to mention, team members frequently don’t follow the procedures because they either don’t remember their login or find the process overly complicated.

For employees, requesting vacations is really simple. All they need to do is type /vacation in any Slack channel or direct message and through 4 easy steps, they can submit a request for their manager to approve their time off. They receive approvals through a Slack notification and they can also see which of their team members have upcoming vacations.

For managers, approving vacations and time off can be done in Slack or through the administrator dashboard. The dashboard also allows managers to set-up holidays, set global or individual days of vacation allowance, view the employee vacation calendar and set-up multiple teams with their own approvers.

Super simple to set-up

If takes you more than 5 minutes, we’ll buy you a coffee.

Really easy to make requests

Submitting your request is done in 4 short steps directly in Slack.

Weekly summary

Your whole team will be notified once per week about upcoming absences.

Sync with your calendar

Transfer all your teams absences and vacations to your Google, Outlook or iCloud calendar.

Why we made Vacation Tracker

Back when our team had 6 people, it was easy to keep track of who was out of office and when. As our team scaled to 30 people, it became difficult for us to keep track of when people in our team were away from the office and how many days off they had remaining.

It also became problematic that some team members had no idea when people who worked on the same projects as them took off on vacation or to go to a conference.

At first, our solution was to use an excel vacation calendar. Then we moved to Google Calendars. But both of these did not provide a solution to all the issues we were facing managing our team’s vacation calendar.

Our next step was to try to implement a more comprehensive solution in the form of an HR system. We quickly discovered that most of the HR systems out there have way too many features and as a result, were quite expensive considering we only wanted to use them as a leave management system for our team.

So finally, we decided to create our own employee attendance tracker, but one that would only manage time off for our team and nothing else. We agreed that we would provide integrations into other HR systems but that we wanted to maintain the simplicity of the product by focusing only on vacation calendar management and notifications.

The idea for Vacation Tracker was born.

We’ve written a short background about Vacation Tracker on our new website which you can see here:

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Get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’d like to make a suggestion about how to make Vacation Tracker even more awesome.

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